Corporate trainings in English

We are contacted by companies that need unique training to meet the challenges of their businesses. We are always ready to develop and offer individual solutions. When there is a need, we use non-standard solutions, so that our clients receive the best result of all possible.

NRG company is the only provider of corporate learning in Ukraine, which offers complex and multichannel services — offline and online, in mixed and microformats.

With us, companies of our clients create individual development trajectories for executives and staff with the use of training and non-training tools.

Our team is made of TOP business trainers, consultants, facilitators, coaches, game-based training specialists, speakers, psychotherapists, and the creative team of the educational and methodological hub.

We maintain flexibility in choosing the toolbox and achieve results because we rely on our practical experience and trends in foreign markets. That is especially important today — when the world is changing every second.

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Marina Ivanenko

Olena Yelisieieva

Igor Biednyi

Anton Savochka

We understand that each company is unique in its structure and goals. That is why we offer tailored complex solutions which we develop upon request.

At the heart of every solution is our experience and practices of international partners. This way we minimize risks, optimize your budget, and increase the efficiency of the solutions in the future.

As a part of our job, we offer complex projects which focus on development. We model them from the ground up to match the specific challenges of your business.

We know and believe that having a goal is the only thing that drives human beings and fills them with energy. Therefore our mission is to activate the energy of goals, which activates people — the staff at your company.

We always aim for high-quality work and long-term relations with our clients.

Let’s start developing your staff right now. Because that is exactly why you visited our website.

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Products and events for executives and staff. A range of tools helps master skills, gain new knowledge, and form habits, thanks to which the staff can work demonstrating better results. Each product can be adapted for real processes of the client’s company.
Which topics do we cover in our trainings:

  • Management/executive development
  • Leadership
  • Change management
  • Building a TOP-team
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Communication, sales, negotiations
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Development of thinking: strategic, systematic, creative
  • Teaching trainers
  • As well as other topics and a combination of topics on request

Business games and game-based online solutions

Don’t force your employees to work. Invite them to play instead. Games are powerful tools for problem-solving in any business. If you haven’t had games at your company before, you should try it. You will want to repeat. We develop games and game-based solutions for staff and executive development in companies.

Online education

We create online courses and video products for staff and executive development in companies. The range of offers is regularly updated with new solutions. Other than that, we create custom-made training video courses for specific tasks of your company. Specialists of prominent TV channels of Ukraine participate in this process.

HOGAN assessment

International reputable system of personality assessment in business. It helps to predict the efficiency of activities and leadership potential with the help of the personal traits of a person. Also, we offer other tools for company development or improvement of its functioning: strategy sessions, consulting, coaching.

Strategy session

An effective format of group meetings for the company staff: owners, executives, managers, key employees, or all together. During the meeting, participants make and take decisions, which will help their business to develop. Strategy sessions are great tools for solving important challenges of your business.

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